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With so many different ways out there to promote your business, it can become a complicated and expensive exercise if not done strategically.   Whether you are a new business just starting out, or an established company looking to take your business to the next level, we are here to help.

Here at Cre8ive Marketing, we offer a range of  postcode demographic data services with a common theme.  They are all focused on ensuring that your company and the products and services that you offer are delivered to the most relevant audience.

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Demographic Data

Demographic Products made simple – Find your target audience quickly and easily.

Audience Finder

Select individual demographic parameters and build your perfect audience.

Drive Time Reports

Drive time and driving distance reports can be generated with demographics.

Data & Mapping

Use our postcode data and mapping files to cross reference your data.

Bespoke Reports

Bespoke demographic or postcode data needed – we will prepare it.

Demographic Data Tools

Demographic targeting can be a complicated and expensive process, however with Cre8ive Marketing’s online and off-line demographic data tools we not only make it cost effective but we also make it super easy for you. Our demographic data covers over  8,900 postcode sectors in England, Scotland & Wales, for a coverage map please see our postcode sector map.  Key demographics such as social status, average house price, population, households,  and age are all covered within our demographic data.

Demographics Made Easy

Whether you are looking to research a single postcode sector or compare multiple areas at once our easy to use online demographic data reports can be created and downloaded in just a few clicks. If you have a more bespoke query or would like to combine multiple demographics in a report then we can offer bespoke demographic reports which can be ran on towns / city’s / villages, local authorities, parliamentary constituencies, regions and all postcode variations. Cre8ive Marketing also offer mapping data with full demographics for easy import into your GIS system.

Audience Finder

Use our brand new Audience Finder to build your prefect customer profile.  Use our simple web based system to select the demographic’s that are important to you and  and return a list of where your perfect audience are based.

Customer Profiling – Finding more of the same

By using a sample of your customer postcodes or your ideal areas we are able to build a profile of your ideal customer for you. Once this profile is built we are then able to find more of “those types” of people for you, giving you a plan of defined geographical areas for you to target with your marketing campaigns.

Drive time and Distance analysis

Are you looking to open a new location for your business or find the best audience in proximity to your location for your marketing.  Our drive time reporting enables you to profile the audience within a set driving time or distance from a central point.  With standard and bespoke reports available we can taylor our services to match your needs.  For more information see our Drive Time page.


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Postcode and Mapping Data

Our postcode and mapping data contain a variety of information to help your mapping, planning and targeting. All of data is sourced from a variety of sources and then it is analysed, combined and formatted so that the reports and lookups that we generate are easy to use, read and understand. We trust our data and know its good as we use it every day ourselves for planning and powering our own data and demographic tools.

Cross Reference Postcodes

Our lookup’s will enable to you cross reference UK postcodes against a wide range of variables.  Whether you are wanting to identify the individual postcodes that make up a Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Local Authority, Parliamentary Constituency or Postcode Area, District or Sector then our ready made data lookup’s can help.  All of our standard data lists and reports can be downloaded immediately once purchased meaning you can start working on your project straight away.  For more information on our standard data lists and reports please see our Postcode and Mapping Data page.

Bespoke Data and Mapping Reports

Every day we generate bespoke reports for clients based on their needs, so If you cannot find what you need on our website then please ask as we have most likely produced a similar report previously. If you are wanting data and mapping lists merged, for example “individual CCG full postcode data report with overlaying key demographics and the mapping boundaries” then let us know and we can quote you a price. For your individual request please get in touch by using our handy live chat which you will find at the right of this page.

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